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Our Production Partner: TECTA-PDS


TECTA-PDS (Pathogen Detection Systems)is a Canadian owned & operated global leader in water safety testing. The company developed and now markets the world’s only, rapid, automated and US EPA-approved microbiological monitoring systems for the entire water cycle. These proprietary solutions help to lower costs, ensure water quality and –most importantly –protect human health. Due to this ingenious and proven ‘lab-in-a-box’ solution, for the first time, lab-grade microbiological water testing for dangerous bacteria, such as E. coli,can be done by virtually anyone,anywhereat anytime.Today, TECTA-PDS products arebeing used in both developed and developing countries worldwide, and in markets ranging from the world’s largest cities all the way to the smallest, remote communities.In over 50 countries and 200cities, TECTA-PDS solutions help keep millions of people safeacross the planet.

TECTA-PDS works with international governments, businesses and organizations to help ensure theirproducts are available where they are needed most to ensure citizen wellbeing. Helping to reduce costs and the risks associated with microbiological contamination, TECTA-PDS supports a variety of industries and organizations, including:

•municipalities (large and small)
•health authorities
•military & disaster relief
•environmental agencies
•water and wastewater service providers
•food & beverage manufacturers
•professional and amateur sports
•post-secondary education campuses
•commercial labs•oil & gas and mining
•marinas and other recreational water facilities