TECTA™ Rapid Automated Microbial Detection Systems

TECTA™ is an automated microbiological platform that uses patented Polymer Partition technology to rapidly and reliably detect

  • E. coli
  • Total Coliforms
  • Faecal Coliforms
  • Enterococci contamination.

Available for testing 4 or 16 samples, this platform is simple, sensitive and flexible, allowing for testing of samples at any time of the day. TECTA™ will automatically transmit data allowing for immediate notification on electronic devices, such as mobile phones or laptops, as soon as a contamination event is detected.

Only 4 simple steps to get results:

  1. Sample addition
  2. Close the cardrights
  3. Set up the B16 or B4 machine.
  4. Put te cardrights in the machine

Result in max. 24 h

Samples per run 16 4
Independant heat pads 4 1
Temperature combinations 35°C
35°C – 41.5°C
41.5°C – 45°C
Pathogen detection kits available 4 4
Number of different detection kits that can be run simultaneously Up to 3 Up to 2
Stand-alone reader Yes Yes
Description TECTA™ B16 V2
Automated microbiology detection
Automated microbiology detection
EWC Tecta Brochure
Brochure B16
Brochure B4
Tecta Data Sheet
Product code Product Name Format Quantity/per pack Minimum order quantity
Tecta-B4-1 1x TECTA™ B4 Instrument Unit 1 1
Tecta-B16 1x TECTA™ B16 Instrument Unit 1 1
Tecta-CCA-48-1 EC/TC Test (combined two-in-one for E.coli & total coliforms) kit 48 1
Tecta-ECA-48-1 ECA Test (rapid E.coli only) kit 48 1
Tecta-CCA-48-4 EC/TC Test (combined two-in-one for E.coli & total coliforms) kit 48 4
Tecta-ECA-48-4 ECA Test (rapid E.coli only) kit 48 4
Tecta-FCA-48-1 FCA Test (fecal coliforms) 1x 48 st kit 48 1
Tecta-FCA-48-4 FCA Test (fecal coliforms) 4x 48 st kit 48 4
Tecta-ENA-48-1 ENA Test (enterococcus) 1x 48 st kit 48 1
Tecta-ENA-48-4 ENA Test (enterococcus) 4x 48 st kit 48 4