STRIP Control GST E6

for monitoring the steam sterilization processes

STRIP Control GST E6 are used to monitor the effectiveness of steam sterilizing process. These biological indicators are produced under strictly controlled conditions in order to satisfy the requirements in USP, ISO 11138 and EN 866 standards.
STRIP Control GST E6 contain bacterial spores on special filter paper strips and glass test tubes with screw cap Each tube contains a validated growth medium with a pH indicator. The strips are inoculated with spores of Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC® 7953 in predefined concentrations.
A Certificate of Performance including population, strain, D-value (121┬░C), survival time, kill time, lot number and expiration date is included in the packaging.
Spores are completely killed off after 15 minutes of sterilization at 121┬░C. If no spores survive, there is no growth during the subsequent incubation and the medium inside the ampoule remains violet. A failure in the sterilization process (lower temperature and/or shorter sterilization time), is detected by the color change of the medium to yellow due to spores survival and proliferation of bacteria.
ref. 91055
20 strips + 20 tubes
3 years shelf life
2-8┬░C storage temperature