Our Production Partner: SSI Diagnostica

SSI Diagnostica A/S is a leading Nordic manufacturing, distribution, and technical service company within in vitro diagnostic products for microbiological laboratories. They serve a multitude of laboratories, clinics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers around the globe.

Internationally, they offer our rapid diagnostic tests, QC testing for vaccine products, antisera, and several other in vitro diagnostic products. Additionally, they market selected products from external partners in the Nordics.

Founded as a division of the renowned Statens Serum Institut, their roots go back to 1902. In 2016, Adelis Equity, acquired the ownership, and their R&D investments increased markedly. Today, they’re headquartered in Hillerød, Denmark, and employ more than 100 people.

Their overarching mission is to simplify microbiological diagnostics to benefit our customers, their patients, and society as a whole.

SSI Diagnostica acquires American Covid-19 front-runner

In august 2020, SSI Diagnostica acquires CTK Biotech, which, among other things, develops and distributes diagnostic rapid tests. CTK Biotech is headquartered in San Diego and has production in Beijing and covers markets in Latin America, Asia and Africa, which means that SSI Diagnostica can now, together with CTK Biotech, reach patients and customers in most of the world.

“CTK Biotech are very skilled in developing new products, and their production equipment is simply excellent, with high efficiency and quality. Furthermore, our common, global distribution network will be very strong”, says CEO, Søren Skjold Mogensen, as some of the reasons for the acquisition.

With the acquisition of CTK Biotech, a new diagnostics powerhouse is created with international weight and with a focus on rapid diagnostic tests within infectious diseases. The new, combined company will have strong competencies in production, research & development, and international distribution.