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11 februari 2020: Symposium ‘De toekomst van voedselveiligheid’

Op dinsdag 11 februari 2020 vindt het jaarlijks Fimm symposium plaats. Experts op het gebied van hygiëne, voedselveiligheid en voedselkwaliteit bespreken hoe zij de zaken aanpakken op het gebied van voedselveiligheid en -kwaliteit.Hieronder staat het programma.

4 March Introduction to real-time PCR

Introduction to real-time PCR

This one-day workshop is aimed at participants just getting started with real-time PCR, or have already used this method and want to deepen their knowledge in the area. You’ll learn about the general principles of real-time PCR, including experiment setup and data analysis. Following this, you’ll receive practical hands-on training for DNA extraction and real-time PCR, using our foodproof® kits. All necessary materials and equipment will be provided on site.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with different real-time PCR cyclers, such as the Dualo32, the AriaMx, the Lightcycler® 96 and the Lightcycler® 480 II and will be trained on how to operate them. You will learn about the technical specifications of the cyclers and the corresponding software systems. A detailed data analysis of the acquired real-time PCR data will also be made available.

Topics of the Workshop:
  • checkIntroduction to the general principles of real-time PCR
  • checkHands-on training in the lab for DNA-extraction and PCR setup using our foodproof kits – all materials and necessary lab equipment will be made available
  • checkTraining on different real-time PCR cyclers for low and high-throughput
  • checkComparison of real-time PCR cyclers that we offer (technical specifications, cycler operation, software, etc.)
  • checkDetailed analysis of the real-time PCR data obtained during lab training

Language: English
Location: Potsdam, Germany


Heralding Education on Antimicrobial Resistance

18th edition

12-13 March 2020
Heralding Education on Antimicrobial Resistance
Seminar at Liofilchem. 18th edition. MIC Test Strip (MTS) HEAR courses comprise an interactive two day session with lectures and laboratory work.
An international faculty interacts with 20 participants from several Countries. HEAR allows for effective exchange of clinical experiences and expertise among clinicians, pharmacists and microbiologists with the patient’s need utmost in mind. Liofilchem organizes several courses per year that cover a variety of topics with the goal of sharing the latest information to promote the rational use of antimicrobial agents. To address some of the resistance, diagnostic and treatment challenges faced by infectious disease specialists, ICU clinicians, clinical pharmacists and microbiologists, Liofilchem has invested in non-profit HEAR courses dedicated to education in the field of Antimicrobial Resistance Testing.

Scientific Spring Meeting  KNVM & NVMM 2020

The Scientific Spring Meeting of the two Dutch Microbiological Societies (NVMM & KNVM) will be held on March 31 and April 1, 2020.

Last year we had over a 750 visitors at Papendal; lets try and equal that this year. This year we have again a two-day program with on day one a plenary session with renowed national and international speakers. Also during the rest of the program many invited speakers from all over the world will join us at Papendal. Two plenary speakers have already confirmed their presence; Andreas Baumler and Thijs Ettema.