High Quality Environmental Monitoring – Sponges and Sponge Sticks


HiEnviro-Sponge™ & HiEnviro-Sponge™ Stick
Simplify your Environmental Monitoring
with HiEnviro-Sponge™ products

Features & Benefits

  • Biocide free sponges with no impact on viability of organisms
  • Durable sponge for all types of environmental surfaces
  • Available in Dry format and Hydrated with various media or buffers
  • Sponge stick allows sampling of difficult to reach areas
  • Sponges & sponge stick in completely sealed sampling bags and gamma irradiated providing assurance of sterility
  • Easy to open and close sampling bags with write on area for labelling
  • Gloves optional to avoid direct contact to sponges

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