Chromatic CRE

for the detecting Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae.

Chromatic CRE contains a mixture of carbapenems for screening a wide variety of carbapenem-resistance mechanisms and provides presumptive identification of E. coli and the KlebsiellaEnterobacterSerratia and Citrobacter (KESC) group directly from clinical specimens.

Carbapenems, successfully used to treat multi-resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections, including ESBL positive strains, are not efficacious against the Enterobacteriaceae resistant to carbapenems, thus generating a significant risk of hospital-acquired infections.

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Ready to use agar plates:

Ref. 1161920/pack
90 days shelf life
2-8°C storage temperature

Dehydrated powder + supplement:
Ref. 611619
500 g
+ Chromatic CRE Supplement
Ref. 81088
10 vials/pack

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