Chromatic OXA-48

Selective chromogenic medium for the screening of OXA-48 type Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae.

OXA-48 CRE are multi-resistant bacteria potentially responsible of hospital infections. The detection of OXA-48 CRE carriers by Chromatic OXA-48 can prevent and help surveil those infections.

Chromatic OXA-48, with its own proprietary formulation, includes antimicrobial agents and chromogenic substrata mixture that allows the selective growth of OXA-48 CRE and the identification of Escherichia coli (red color), Klebsiella spp. (Blue-violet), Enterobacter spp. (blue-green), Citrobacter spp. (blue with red halo).

Ref. 11631

20 plates/pack

2-8°C storage temperature

120 days shelf life