Successful Event – EMMD 2022


12th European Meeting on Molecular Diagnostics

At October 12-14th, 2022 EWC Diagnostics was present at the EMMD – European Meeting on Molecular Diagnostics.

Thank you all for the positive energy and the positive atmosphere!

EMMD 2022

This is the 12th European Meeting on Molecular Diagnostics (EMMD), devoted to all aspects of molecular diagnostics in human disease and pathology. The EMMD is organised every two years in the Netherlands. These meetings are a continuation of the former Benelux- and European meetings on PCR diagnostics. However the scope of the meeting has expanded to include other amplification techniques, general probe technology and applications in wide diversity of laboratory disciplines i.e. Clinical Microbiology, Virology, Pathology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Genetics, Pharmacogenetics, Hematology and Oncology.