EWC Diagnostics delivers High Quality Ready Prepared Culture Media to Microbiological Laboratories in the Benelux. EWC Diagnostics has four excellent production partners for Ready Prepared Culture Media: Media Products BV, Liofilchem and Graso Biotech.

Ready-made media are produced in accordance with IVD-CE regulations and can be supplied in various formats. In addition to standard packaging, EWC Diagnostics supplies the patented solution Ready-made media in Xpacks (120 plates of bulk packaging). Delivered and transported in trolleys, by choosing this method of delivery We Optimized handling – cost and waste reduction: 95% reduction of unwrapping-work; for example: for 100.000 plates of culture media only 420 XPacks instead of 10.000 standard packaging units with 10 dishes, each must be opened. XPack available in lean Coll-Container-System: liners are delivered directly into your cool-cell minimizing handling effort in the laboratory. Environment benefits: no cartons or unnecessary filling materials to achieve up to 90% waste reduction.

Ready Prepared Culture Media products:

Petri dishes