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The genus Alicyclobacillus consists of Gram-positive, acidophilic and thermophilic, spore-forming bacteria typically found in soils. Alicyclobacillus spores, often brought into food manufacturing facilities on contaminated fruit, are able to survive typical pasteurization procedures. The non-pathogenic bacteria can cause disinfectant-like off-flavors (guaiacol, halophenols) in the final product, especially affecting fruit juices, concentrates, and preparations as well as tomato-based products. Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris is the most common contaminating species of this genus.

The foodproof® Alicyclobacillus Detection Kit is based on real-time PCR technology, which is well-established in the food industry. The kit enables the Alicyclobacillus genus detection and A. acidoterrestris identification in one single assay. 


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