Octofungi 1 HiMIC Plate Kit

HiMICTMĀ Plate Kit: MIC Made as Easy as A..B..C..D..


Traditional broth microdilution assays can be cumbersome due to preparation and setup. The numbers of clinical samples across the globe are on the rise and present complex antimicrobial resistance too. Manual errors can further lead to erroneous results. HiMICTMĀ Plate Kit is extremely easy to use forĀ  MIC broth microdilution assays and compliant with CLSI and EUCAST guidelines. The kit comprises

  • 96 well microtiter plate pre-coated with growth media and antimicrobial gradient thereby eliminating the need and time spent in preparing the same
  • Detachable strips provide flexibility with respect to the number of samples that can be processed at a time
  • HiMICā„¢ Diluent provided to prepare the dilution of the test isolate for addition to the wells
  • HiMICā„¢ Incubation Tray facilitating easy incubation while processing smaller sample sets
  • HiMICā„¢ Reading card for easy visual and quick interpretation of the results
  • Detailed product insert for complete guidance on performing the assay

HiMICTMĀ Plate Kit is available in two formats.

  • Single antimicrobial format provides 12 tests with 7 concentrations each covering the breakpoint scale
  • Multiple antimicrobial formats involve 8 antimicrobials with 11 concentrations each
  • In both the formats, one control well per test is included in the plate
  • Customization is available for drugs of your choice and combinations

Choose HiMICTM Plate Kit for a hassle free and accurate MIC evaluation of your test cultures.