Ready-to-use Agar Dilution panels

Agar Dilution (AD) is considered the gold standard method for performing Fosfomycin susceptibility testing.

Agar dilution is also used in several applications for anaerobes and can result into a better reading with RPMI and antifungal agents if compared to other AFST methods.

The ready-to-use ADĀ panelsĀ are available in 12 or 24 wells formats, containing the antibiotic incorporated into an agar medium in different concentrations.

AD Fosfomycin 0.25-256

ref. 77001 – 1 panel/pack

ref. 77061 – 6 panels/pack

Click here to download the AD Fosfomycin IFU

Blood AD Clindamycin 0.03-32

ref. 77002 – 1 panel/pack

ref. 77062 – 6 panels/pack

Click here to download the Blood AD Clindamycin IFU

The ready-to-use Agar Dilution panels are available forĀ customĀ versions with up to 4 weeks lead time.Ā Request your own version!