D-value verification

D-value verification Liofilchem performs D-Value and Z-Value analysis by direct inoculation of product or equipment using Biological Indicator Organisms (BI's). Downloads Learn more about our D-Value and Z-Value determination protocols View the Biological Indicators product range D-values are stated by the manufacturer on

Eugon LT SUP

Eugon LT SUP Nutritious medium for detecting and enumerating microorganisms in cosmetics Downloads Download the product IFU ref. 26492 100 tubes x 9 mL 1 year shelf life ref. 402750 6 bottles x 90 mL 2 years shelf life Eugon LT

Individually packed, gamma-irradiated contact plates

Individually packed, gamma-irradiated contact plates Downloads View the Gamma-irradiated Contact Plate product range The peelable blister pack fulfills the highest quality and protection standards for the plate. The blister pack, fully automatically produced in controlled environment, delivers the following benefits: individual plate packaging; clear

ESC Swab

ESC Swab ESC Swab system combines a swab with a rinse solution or broth in a convenient plastic tube. The environmental sampling line helps food technologists and quality control managers assess microbial presence on surfaces and equipment.  Downloads Learn more about ESC Swab Bacteria can grow

MTS™ Synergy Application System

MTS™ Synergy Application System for in-vitro combination of antibiotics Downloads Learn more about MTS™ SAS Learn more about our solutions for Antimicrobial resistance management Antimicrobial resistance is a major challenge for clinicians and clinical microbiologists, the use of synergy testing is nowadays increasingly requested.

ComASP® Benzylpenicillin

ComASP®  Benzylpenicillin 0.002-32 µg/mL and Mueller Hinton Fastidious Broth Downloads Download the ComASP® Benzylpenicillin IFU Learn more about ComASP® Download the MH-F Broth IFU ComASP® Benzylpenicillin 0.002-32 µg/mL is an in-vitro diagnostic device for the quantitative determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of benzylpenicillin

Food System

Food System Downloads Download the product IFU Download the product leaflet Learn more about Food System The Liofilchem® Food System (ref. 71680) is a 12 wells panel containing biochemical substrata for the detection and presumptive identification of pathogenic microorganisms from foodstuff in


CultiControl Freeze-dried microorganisms Downloads Learn more about our CultiControl organisms CultiControl microorganisms are lyophilized, reference stock culture preparations containing a single strain of a microorganism. These microorganism preparations are intended to be used for quality control of culture media, educational/instructional programs and

Contam Swab Salmonella

Contam Swab Salmonella Liofilchem® Contam Swab Salmonella is a swab containing a culture medium used for the detection of Salmonella spp. directly from surfaces. Stored at room temperature, smeared on a surface, incubated at 37°C for 18-24 hours, Contam Swab product range delivers an easy and convenient detection of Salmonella spp. and other food pathogens through

Culture media for cosmetic microbiology

Culture media for cosmetic microbiology Downloads Learn more about our solutions for biopharma applications Liofilchem confirms its continuous dedication to meet the pharmaceutical and cosmetics microbiology needs with the introduction of TAT Broth, a ready-to-use liquid medium for the microbiological examination of cosmetics and topical