HiEnviro-Sponge™ High Quality Environmental Monitoring - Sponges and Sponge Sticks Downloads Download the PDF HiEnviro-Sponge™ & HiEnviro-Sponge™ Stick Simplify your Environmental Monitoring with HiEnviro-Sponge™ products Features & Benefits Biocide free sponges with no impact on viability of organisms Durable sponge for all types

Contact Slide

Contact Slide A ready-to-use device with two different media coated onto a plastic carrier used for the microbial monitoring of surfaces and liquids, even in the presence of residues of disinfectants. Downloads Download the product range leaflet The flexible carrier of agar media,

ESC Swab

ESC Swab Downloads Learn more about ESC Swab ESC Swab system combines a swab with a rinse solution or broth in a convenient plastic tube. The environmental sampling line helps food technologists and quality control managers assess microbial presence on surfaces and equipment. Bacteria

RapidResa Polymyxin Acinetobacter NP® test

RapidResa Polymyxin Acinetobacter NP® test RapidResa Polymyxin Acinetobacter NP® test is a 8-test panel containing desiccated biochemical substrates for rapid detection of colistin-resistant/-susceptible Acinetobacter baumannii isolates. A panel allows testing of eight (8) different isolates. Test results are evaluated by visual assessment of color development in the wells. This assay

Chromatic OXA-48

Chromatic OXA-48 Selective chromogenic medium for the screening of OXA-48 type Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae. OXA-48 CRE are multi-resistant bacteria potentially responsible of hospital infections. The detection of OXA-48 CRE carriers by Chromatic OXA-48 can prevent and help surveil those infections. Chromatic OXA-48, with its own proprietary formulation,

  • MIC Test Strip


MTS™ for ESBL MTS™ (MIC Test Strip) ESBL Cefotaxime (CTX)/Cefotaxime+Clavulanic acid (CTL), Ceftazidime (CAZ)/Ceftazidime+Clavulanic acid (CAL) and Cefepime (FEP)/Cefepime+Clavulanic acid (FEL) strips are phenotypic tests intended to detect the presence of clavulanic acid inhibitable ESBL (Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase) enzymes in Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, K. oxytoca and other Enterobacteriaceae species. Download IFU Cefotaxime/Cefotaxime+Clavulanic

Enterobacter (Cronobacter) sakazakii Isolation Agar

Enterobacter (Cronobacter) sakazakii Isolation Agar Downloads Click here for the product Technical sheet. See the whole list of our ready-to-use 90mm agar plates Enterobacter (Cronobacter) sakazakii Isolation Agar is a chromogenic medium used for the selective isolation of Cronobacter spp. (formerly E. sakazakii) in infant milk products, according to ISO 22964. In 1950 the


Culticontrol CultiControl microorganisms are lyophilized, reference stock culture preparations containing a single strain of a microorganism. These microorganism preparations are intended to be used for quality control of culture media, educational/instructional programs and industrial applications. The microorganism preparations are derived from ATCC® (American Type Culture Collection) or

TAT Broth

TAT Broth Liquid culture medium for detection of microorganisms from highly viscous or gelatinous materials. Downloads Download the TAT Broth technical sheet See the whole list of culture media in tubes and bottles TAT (Tryptone-Azolectin-Tween) Broth is a liquid medium used for

Oxi Control E6 PLX

Oxi Control E6 PLX Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC® 7953 spores inoculated on poliflex coupons for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization control Downloads Download the product IFU Learn more about our biological indicators for sterilization processes control and monitoring USP (United States Pharmacopoeia), EP (European Pharmacopoeia) and