ComASPĀ® Colistin

ComASPĀ®Ā Colistin Downloads Download the product IFU View the complete range of broth microdilution panels ComASPĀ® Compact Antimicrobial Susceptibility Panel for determining MIC through broth microdilution according to ISO 20776-1:2019 standard Broth microdilution is used as a reference method for AST for leading therapeutic

Steel coupons

Steel coupons for hydrogen peroxide sterilization Downloads Download the product IFU View the complete range of Biological Indicators for sterilization processes Biological indicators OXI CONTROL GST E6/E5/E4/E3/E2 SS are used for regular control of H2O2 vapour superficial decontamination cycles and validation of

Cursus Levensmiddelenmicrobiologie & -hygiƫne

Cursus Levensmiddelenmicrobiologie & -hygiĆ«ne In 5 dagen komt een breed scala aan onderwerpen aan de orde.Ā Je leert wat micro-organismen zijn en waarom sommige soorten ongewenst zijn in voedingsmiddelen. Welke soorten ziekten kunnen veroorzaken via voedsel en hoe besmettingen te voorkomen zijn. Daarnaast leer je welke factoren van invloed zijn op

Mythen, Missers en Maatwerk + Meesterwerk Infectieuze Bedreigingen 2024

Mythen, Missers en Maatwerk + Meesterwerk Infectieuze Bedreigingen 2024 Schrijf je in voor het congres Mythen, Missers en Maatwerk + Meesterwerk Infectieuze Bedreigingen op donderdag 12 september 2024 in het Van der Valk Hotel te Veenendaal. Programma 09.00 uur Ontvangst en inschrijving 09.30 uur Opening 09.35 uur Mythen Met


Quanti-CultiControl forĀ growth promotion testing of culture media Downloads Download the product technical sheet Download the photographic test procedure The Quanti-CultiControl are lyophilized, quantitative microorganism preparations to be used in industrial laboratories for Quality Control purposes. Processed as directed, these preparations provide a challenge of

ESC Swab

ESC Swab Downloads Learn more about ESC Swab ESC (Easy Surface Checking) swab range includes a new generation of sampling devices for microbiological examination of surfaces, especially recommended for food and pharmaceutical industries. prefilled swab device rayon bud wide range ofĀ transport media and volumes

MTSā„¢ Synergy Application System

MTSā„¢ Synergy Application System forĀ in-vitroĀ combination of antibiotics Downloads Learn more about MTSā„¢ SAS Learn more about our solutions for Antimicrobial resistance management Antimicrobial resistance is a major challenge for clinicians and clinical microbiologists, the use of synergy testing is nowadays increasingly requested.

Dehydrated Culture Media

Dehydrated Culture Media A wide range of media, in compliance with ISO 11133 and other international standards Downloads Click here to view the whole range in our website. In the photo, CHINA-BLUE LACTOSE AGAR, a non-selective medium used for the enumeration and differentiation

Iron Sulphite Agar

Iron Sulphite Agar acc. to ISO 15213-1 Downloads Learn more in the product technical sheet. View our complete range of culture media for food and beverage testing Ref.Ā 163372 60mm agar plates 20/pack 10-25Ā°C storage temperature 120 days Shelf Life


Culticontrol CultiControl microorganisms are lyophilized, reference stock culture preparations containing a single strain of a microorganism. These microorganism preparations are intended to be used for quality control of culture media, educational/instructional programs and industrial applications. The microorganism preparations are derived from ATCCĀ® (American Type Culture Collection) or